What’s the Best Vehicle for Woodworking?

Woodworking is one of those trades that requires a lot of equipment.

Now, depending on what you are crafting, the equipment may be big, or it may be small.

Regardless of its size though, you are going to need some type of vehicle for transporting your woodworking supplies. 

Regardless of the products and creations you are crafting, generally, a truck is the best vehicle for a woodworker. It will allow you to transport equipment, material, and your products with ease due to its size. A truck bed can also be canopied in times when the weather is not optimal.  

Everyone is going to have an opinion on the best make and model of various vehicles, but I want to talk about the general qualities of a vehicle that are going to make your life a bit easier and your woodworking hobby or business run a bit smoother.

Continue reading to discover the best type of vehicle for woodworking and what to consider before you purchase. 

Why is a Truck the Best Type of Vehicle for Woodworking? 

Considering all of the different advantages that trucks have to offer, I do not want to get into specific models and makes.

Instead, I want to speak generally so that you can get a good idea of what might work best for your unique woodworking purposes. 

Then, you can go and find it with your preferred manufacturer.

We all have our favorites and I certainly will not be the one to get in the way of that.

However, no matter how big or small your woodworking venture is, it is likely that one style of vehicle is going to work best for you all and that is a truck. 

Trucks are the best type of vehicle for woodworking because you are able to find one in just about every shape and size to fit your exact needs. You can find standard models, extended cabs, luxury rides, 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive, etc. Trucks are designed to haul heavy, lengthy equipment- those that are common among woodworking.

Don’t need an extended cab? No problem.

Need one that can hold a half-ton of equipment without breaking a sweat?

You got it. Want a truck that is more luxurious but can also take the heat when you have a full load of materials to haul home?

They have that too. Want an old beater that will not mind a little rough treatment? It is out there. 

A truck is capable of hauling small and large equipment, can easily hold any type of material no matter its shape or size, will likely last you through countless years of different projects, and can get your goods from one place to the next without having to worry if it is going to fit in the back seat of your car.

Trucks are reliable, they are spacious, they are tough, and they will work for you as long as you keep them tuned up and in check. 

By purchasing a truck, you also give yourself the ability to have a bit of versatility with your woodworking.

If you start out making smaller goods and, through the years, take on bigger projects, a truck affords you the luxury of doing so without having to think twice about how your vehicle is going to be able to sustain such a transition.

No matter the make and no matter the model, a truck will likely be the best working tool you own when all is said and done. 

One last practical point to consider here is resale potential.

You do not see a ton of trucks lingering in used car lots for very long, do you?

That is because they are a seriously hot item.

They have been and likely will be for decades to come.

Just about anyone can find some kind of use for a truck and for you, this means a good ability to resale easily.

So, if a truck does not work for you or you are needing an upgrade, the buyers’ market will likely work in your favor.

So, with resale value consistently high, the ability to transport your woodworking tools and projects, versatility available depending on your specific woodworking needs- a truck is a great vehicle for any woodworker.

What to Consider Before Buying a Truck for Woodworking 

Before jumping the gun and going and buying the biggest and baddest truck there is out there, you need to consider a few things that can impact your decision.

Every woodworker is doing something different than the next.

This means different products, different materials used, different levels of expertise, and different needs.

Because of this, not every woodworker needs the same type of vehicle and one vehicle may work great for someone while being terrible for another. 

With this in mind, it is important to consider a few things before deciding what exactly you need for your woodworking ventures. These include if you will be delivering your finished products, picking up your own materials, moving larger tools or machinery, working solely in a shop or on-site, participating in trade shows, and more.

Truly, going through this beginner’s list of considerations will help you to determine the right type of truck that you can use to accommodate your woodworking needs and requirements.

Whether you plan to make large or small woodworking pieces, you will likely need to start with lengthier planks of wood.

To bring these home, you will appreciate the freedom found in the bed of a truck.

Let’s take a closer look at a few questions to consider before buying a truck for woodworking.

1. Will You be Delivering Your Finished Products? 

Ok, this is a very big point to think about.

If you are one who is crafting wooden spoons, bowls, plates, and other small kitchenware items, why on earth would you need a truck that can haul a half-ton?

You may want one, and that is just fine, but practically, there is no need.

Consider the size of your products and if you plan to be the one to transport them to either be shipped or straight to the buyer.

This makes a very big difference in your vehicle choice. 

If you are crafting something smaller, a truck, in this instance, may not even be necessary.

However, if you are making things like dressers and handcrafted doors, you are going to need something that is capable of getting that product from point A to point B.

A smaller product means a smaller vehicle and a bigger product means a bigger vehicle. See my math logic here? 

Still, if your smaller projects will require larger (or longer) planks of wood to be able to scale them down (or make multiple of one item from the same plank of wood), then you will want the truck regardless.

Consider what exactly you will be delivering regularly and factor that into the equation. Investing in a truck can be so helpful for furniture, wood, and other types of hauls for years to come.  

2. Will You Pick Up Your Own Materials? 

Materials, materials, materials. Your woodworking hobby or business would be nothing without them, but how exactly do you receive them?

If you are someone who is running a small shop or are simply woodworking as a hobby, it is likely you will be picking up your own materials.

For many woodworkers, their materials are either quite long or relatively wide.

If you are picking up your own materials, you want something that can fit them without worry. 

3. Will You be Moving Larger Tools or Machinery?

Along with the size of your materials, it is also important to consider whether or not you will be moving large pieces of machinery or bigger tools.

Some woodworkers move from site to site and your vehicle is going to make a huge difference in how smoothly this process goes.

If you have something that is too small or is not capable of handling the additional weight that you throw on it, you might be stuck in a very tight situation – literally. 

4. Will You Work Solely in a Shop or On-Site? 

If you are one of those that stays put in your shop, then you can skip right on to the next point.

However, if you are someone who, as I referenced previously, moves site to site, you will need something big enough to haul all of your essentials.

This means you need something big enough to store as well as transport your on-the-go shop without you having to worry if you have enough space or if your vehicle is capable of perpetually carrying such a big load.

5. Will You Participate in Trade Shows?

This may seem totally irrelevant to some of you, but for those of you with more of a fine-tuned craft, trade shows might be your one and only goal (outside of beautiful woodwork, of course).

If you plan to attend trade shows, you have to have a vehicle that will be able to transport all of your goods as well as any tools you may need during your stay.

This may also mean that you want a vehicle that is also practical for the day-to-day in between shows. 

Regardless, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best vehicle for woodworking.

But, the ability to transport objects that are large, heavy, and would not otherwise fit in a vehicle- among many other reasons- makes a truck stand out as the best vehicle for woodworking.