What’s the Best Pencil for Woodworking?

There is nothing worse than having to look around for a pencil that has rolled off into the black abyss of your woodshop.

Regular pencils simply will not do for woodworking, and it is just as important to invest in this tool for your woodshop as you do for all of your other go-to’s. 

For woodworking, when it comes to mechanical pencils, you want something that has a lead that is sturdy and is shaped in a way where it will not roll all around your worksite. For wooden pencils, you want one that sharpens easily, has lead that will not break under pressure, and is thick and flat. 

Pencils may seem like a very small thing to fixate on when there are so many hand and eclectic tools you are needing to invest in for your woodworking trade.

However, this little gadget is one of those things that can make or break the time spent in the shop.

Continue reading to get a look at the three best mechanical and wooden pencils for woodworking as well as the qualities that are a must-have for pencils regardless of the type you decide to use in your woodworking shop. 

Best Mechanical Pencils for Woodworking

There are hundreds of pencils out there that can get the job done when it comes to the design plans you have for your woodworking project.

But, simply doing the job does not mean that the job is getting done as well as it could be.

You want a pencil that is going to mark your materials well, one that is going to last over time, and one that is ultimately going to save you time when you are in the midst of a dozen different tasks. 

With that being said, a mechanical pencil may be your saving grace when it comes to woodworking. There is no maintenance, slip resistance, and the pencil lead creates lines of consistent width.

Mechanical woodworking pencils are great because they require no maintenance on your end.

Maintenance may sound like a strange word to use in this scenario, but with a regular pencil, you are going to have to sharpen it every time it dulls.

With a mechanical pencil, the only worry you have is replacing the led once it has run out.

This means a longer gap in between having to stop and start and more time being able to focus on the task at hand. 

The top three mechanical pencils include:

  1. Pica Big Dry Longlife Mechanical Carpenter’s Pencil 
  2. Swanson Tool AlwaysSharp Refillable Mechanical Carpenter Pencil 
  3. FastCap Fatboy Extreme Carpenter/Mechanical Pencil 

Let’s take a closer look at why these mechanical pencils can help you in your woodworking trade.

Pica Big Dry Longlife Mechanical Carpenter’s Pencil 

Looking at the package alone, this pencil means all business.

This pencil is actually a push pencil which means you can click the lead through rather than having to stop to use two hands to extend the extra led. 

This seems like a small feature, but it is one that can be seriously time-saving.

It also works fantastically on a wide array of surfaces whether the surface is wet, dry, wet, rough, glossy, dusty, or oily.

This is a huge plus for when things in the woodworking shop tend to get messy. 

Swanson Tool AlwaysSharp Refillable Mechanical Carpenter Pencil

This pencil actually banks on its longevity when it comes to appealing to the consumer.

It lasts nearly five times longer than the traditional Carpenter Pencil and writes with refillable graphite.

Because of this refill feature, sharpening is never a concern. 

It can easily clip to your belt and never varies in length which means fewer moments searching for your lost pencil.

The bright yellow tip at the top of the pencil also helps for quick recognition when in a hurry.

If you are looking for a trusty woodworking pencil for your shop, the Swanson Tool AlwaysSharp is a great option.

FastCap Fatboy Extreme Carpenter/Mechanical Pencil 

The most desirable feature of this mechanical pencil is the lead itself.

The FastCap Fatboy mechanical pencil is known for the strength of its lead, which is a huge point of desirability when it comes to carpenters marking all of their different projects.

No one wants a type of lead that constantly dulls and breaks off with even the slightest amount of pressure. 

Truly, whether you are making a quick mark or carefully drafting your design on your most recent woodworking project, you want a pencil that can hold up.

This mechanical pencil is able to avoid those outcomes and even comes with an eraser if you feel the need to get rid of any markings off of your design. 

Best Wooden Pencils for Woodworking 

Mechanical pencils host all the bells and whistles, however, some woodworkers simply prefer the classics, and for those of you that feel this way, there are some fantastic wooden pencils out there for you.

When working with a wooden pencil, there is this feeling of being completely on-brand as far as carpentry goes.

It is like the most organic situation for woodworkers: to be someone whose craft deals with wood, working with a tool made from the same material.

This sounds ridiculous, but I know at least one of you knows exactly what I am talking about here!

If you are skeptical about the function of mechanical pencils, do not want to deal with potential malfunctions, do not care to replace lead, or simply want to stick with the original gangster of woodworking writing tools, then a wooden pencil is the way to go.

There are plenty out there, but certainly, there are a few that stand above the rest. 

The top three wooden pencils for woodworking include: 

  1. Graphite Carpenter Pencils 
  2. Dixon Industrial Carpenter Pencils 
  3. Misprint Carpenter Pencil Set 

Let’s take a closer look to see why these wooden pencils can perfect your woodworking trade.

Graphite Carpenter Pencils 

These pencils come in major bulk because, obviously, they will eventually need to be replaced- especially if you are someone who takes on a wide array of woodworking projects.

This pencil is very wide and marks great on wood, concrete, stone, and other rough surfaces making it extremely versatile. 

Its wide build helps to make it sturdy and keeps you from worrying about it sliding or rolling away.

It also is easy to sharpen and is very durable when you are in a bind and are marking a bit more aggressively (we’ve all panicked marked).

So, if you are looking for a reliable wooden pencil for woodworking, the Graphite Carpenter Pencil can be a great option.

Dixon Industrial Carpenter Pencils 

Dixon has been around since woodworking got its start.

Ok, they have not been around that long, but Dixon has been a player in the pencil game for quite a while.

Their pencils are reliable, are easy to sharpen, write with a very smooth and rich black mark, and come in a few different colors. 

If you are needing something that stands out a bit more than the original black pencil, this can be a great option for you.

You might be surprised how handy this can come in a woodworking shop that already has quite a few tools lying around.

This pencil has withstood the test of time and will certainly accompany your shop well. 

Misprint Carpenter Pencil Set 

If you are wanting a good deal for a larger amount of pencils, the 24-pack Misprint Carpenter Pencil Set is going to be a great steal for you.

If you do not mind your pencils varying in colors and labels, these pencils will easily get the job done without you having to spend a wad of cash to keep them in your shop. 

They all mark well and are all designed to work well on rough surfaces.

They are simply mismatched, but who does not like an unlikely love story?

So, if you are looking for a pencil that can accomplish just that in your woodworking, then the Misprint Carpenter Pencil Set (24-pack) is a sure bet.

What You Need in Craftsman Pencil 

Now that you have a few options to thumb through and decide on, I want to just mention a few features that matter, regardless of the brand.

As many other things go in the woodworking world, there are dos and don’ts with even pencils!

I know, it seems impossible, but there are and these things can either make your woodworking experience, or it can break them.

Pencils are like the gateway to a smooth experience in your shop and on the job, trust me. 

With that being said you want to ensure that your pencils are made in a shape that will not allow them to roll away on uneven surfaces.

You also want to be sure that the lead they are all using is one that is sturdy as well as vivid when it writes.

When it comes to lead, it also should be able to write on a multitude of different surfaces and still show up well.

These are the qualities that matter the most, regardless of whether or not you choose mechanical or classic.

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